How to House Party:

Practice running man dance move in mirror.
Power shower.
Get your hair did.
Call your crew.
Show up looking fly.  Get doorman's attention.  Go all night.
Repeat following Thursday.

At the helm of Webster Hall’s Grand Ballroom is marquee hip-hop vanguard Just Blaze alongside NY mainstay DJ Soul. Va$htie and Oscar curate the Marlin Room, transforming it into their infamous bash “1992”, along with a lineup of special guests weekly. Classic reggae and dancehall reign in the Balcony Lounge courtesy of Jasmine Solano and Melo-X’s “Electric Punnany” party. Brick Bandits Kingpins DJ Sliink and Dirty South Joe unleash a lethal weekly assault of club, trap and bass bangers in The Studio basement and other guests.

The massive event gathers crowds from across genres together into 4 massive dance floors. Careful weekly curation by the DJs in conjunction with Webster Hall promises a unique and ever-evolving party. "I'm excited for this party. This city feeds on constant new and evolving energy and I'm honored to spearhead a new movement in New York nightlife,” explains Just Blaze.

Building up towards the House Party launch, Va$htie explains, "House Party at Webster Hall is a preservation of NYC's historical club culture during the city’s ever-changing landscape. All of us various entities have come together under the roof of America's oldest nightclub to make something magical."


House Party takes place every Thursday from 10 p.m. - 4 a.m. at Webster Hall, located at 125 E. 11th Street, NYC. Admission is reduced for gentlemen before midnight with RSVP, $25 after,
and free for ladies all night. Flattops never pay.


What are you doing on Thursday nights

for the rest of the year?

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