Friday, July 9, 2010 - 7:00 PM

BrooklynVegan & 1000Knives Presents:  Dark Castle, Zoroaster, Black Tusk, Hull
DATE : July 9, 2010
DOOR : 7:00 PM
AGE : 19+
TICKETS :  $12 advance and at the door  
Dark Castle
"In the first 10 seconds, Dark Castles extensive heavy metal onslaught becomes comparable to that of any James Cameron film.  COmplete with grasping feedback and gripping undertones, the album's opener "Awake In Sleep" feels like a power struggle between humans and cyborgs.  Thick, chunky guitars from guitarist Stevie Floyd and boisterous drummer from Rob Shaffer all set against a torrential mid-tempo death march paint this war-torn world with vivid streaks of black and white" -

"Their myspace page describes their sound as "A Dinosaur taking a shit" and their sound can be compared to something along the lines of the early Melvins meet Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead; lots of psychedelic overtones mixed with a jam band feel to them" -

Black Tusk
"While the sludge/stoner metal of their Georgian peers consists of a significant dose of syrupy-slow riffage, intricate guitar work, and psychedelic flourishes, Black Tusk have introduced their own bare bones, stripped-down version.  On their debut album, it's balls to the wall for the entire record.  There's no time for reflection here" -

"Their album is fucking epic.  If you like doom and/or stoner metal and/or post/metal, you need to add Hull to you list of bands to keep an ear open for. - rock-metal-music-reviews